Technical Name
Ethephon 39% SL

Product Detail

Sogaat is versatile plant growth regulator with systemic properties.

Packing available

100 gm and 200 gm.

Features and Benefits of Sogaat

• Sogaat is a PGR with effective hormone actions for ripening, colour development, flower induction and defoliation.
• Sogaat penetrates into the plant tissues, and is translocated and gradually decomposed to ethylene, which positively affects the growth process.
• It improves coloration and accelerates uniform ripening of fruits like pineapple, Mango and Tomato.
• Sogaat is proved to be effective hormone spray for achieving the enlarging fruit size and increased yield.

Crop Time of application/Purpose Dose (ml/acre)
Mango For breaking alternate bearing tendencies 308-410
For Flower induction in juvenile mango 1500-2051
c)Post-harvest treatment (For Uniform Ripening) 770-1025
Pineapple flower induction 154-205
Coffee (Arabica) Uniform ripening of berries 300-400
Tomato Post-harvest treatment 65 ml in 10 lit of water
Coffee (Robusta) Uniform ripening of berries 86-115
Rubber Yielding rubber latexs 2.5 ml in 10 lit of water
Pomegranate Defoliation for better flowering & fruit yield 400-500