Our Products

Offers an array of agrisolutions


Insects damage crops and thus are responsible for huge losses to food production. Insecticides help in control of insects during crop growth and storage.


Fungi are one of the major cause of crop loss worldwide. We offer a range of Fungicide products to protect crops from fungal diseases.


Weeds are unwanted plants that compete with crops for nutrition and cause huge losses. Our herbicides are capable of eradicating weeds and preventing their re-growth.


Plant growth Regulators are important inputs for ensuring proper growth, nutrition uptake, stress tolerance and for optimum flowering and fruiting.


Adjuvants help in proper spreading and absorption of agrochemicals so that their effectiveness increases and lead to saving of material and labour cost.


Insects are a menace to buildings and furniture and also act as vector of diseases. Our household product range takes care of these pests.