Technical Name
Gibberellic Acid 0.001% L

Product Detail

Algebra is a formulation of Plant Hormone Gibberellic Acid along with naturally occurring plant Nutrients. Gibberellins (GAs) are plant hormones that regulate various developmental processes, including stem elongation, germination, dormancy, flowering, flower development and leaf and fruit senescence.

Crop Dose (ml/acre) Dilution in Water (Liter)/acre) Time of application
Paddy 72 180-200 Short duration varieties 20- 25DAT Medium duration varieties 30- 35 DAT Long duration varieties 40-45 DAT
Sugarcane 72 180-200 First spray 40-45 DAP
(Planted crops) 72 180-200 Second spray 70-80 DAS
Cotton 72 180-200 First spray 40-45 DAP
Second spray: At the time of ball formation
Groundnut 72 180-200 First spray at flowering (30-35 DAS)
Second spray at the time of peg formation
Banana 108 180-200 First spray 3rd month
Second spray 5th month Third spray at the time of fruit formation
Tomato/ Potato/ Cabbage/Cauliflower 72 180-200 First spray 45 DAS
Second spray 65 DAS
Grapes 72 160-200 First spray 30-35 days after pruning
Second during the match head stage
Brinjal, Bhindi 180 180-200 First spray 34 DAP
Second spray 70 DAP
Third spray 105 DAP
Tea 108 180-200 Five spray at monthly interval.