Brandish is Broad spectrum, non – selective, post emergent herbicide recommended as a protective spray.

Technical Name
Glufosinate Ammonium 13.5% SL
Mode Of Action : Contact

Features and Benefits of BRANDISH :

Brandish should be directly sprayed with proper spray coverage and sufficient spray volume on the weeds.

Apply Brandish when weeds are at 4-6 inches height.

Minimum 6 hrs rain free period after spray is needed.

Brandish is good at Hard to kill weeds.

No known weed resistance

Spray drift injury to crop is very low and safe to the soil.

Packing available: 500 ml, 1 lit. and 5 lit.

Crop Weeds Dosage/acre (litre) Dilution in Water (Litre/acre Waiting Period (Days)
Tea Panicum repens, Borreria hispida
Imperata cylindrical, Digitariasanguinalis
Commelinabenghalensis, Ageratum conyzoides
Eleusine indica, Paspalum
1 – 1.32 150 - 200 15
Cotton Echinochloa sp. Cynodondactylon
Cyperus rotundus Digitaria marginata
Dactylocteneuma egyptium
1 – 1.20 200 96