Technical Name
Deltamethrin 1.25% ULV

Product Detail

Hooter is household insecticide used for public health to control adult mosquitoes.

Mode of Action

Contact action.

Packing available

100 ml, 250 ml & 500 ml

Features and Benefits of Hooter

• Hooter is recommended for outdoor and indoor application for control of adult mosquitoes for public health.
• It is special oil based formulation, and diluted in diesel out or kerosene and used as spray or thermal fogging.
• Hooter is highly effective against vector of human disease viz. Anopheles, Culex, and Aedes and even common housefly.
• It is bio-degradable synthetic pyrethroid.
• Hooter is safe to human beings and animals

Insect Method of application Dose Dilution in Diesel oil
Adult Mosquitoes Thermal fogging 50 10
Ultra low volume application 50 0.5