Kocide 3000

Technical Name
Copper Hydroxide 46.1% WG

Mode of Action
Multi-site mode of action

Product Detail

Kocide 3000 is most advanced and unique Copper Fungicide with improved formulation having very high concentration of biologically active Copper ions. It has enhanced efficacy against wide range of Fungal & Bacterial diseases in various crops and provides better and long duration disease control.

Features and Benefits of Kocide 3000:

  • Most Advanced Copper Technology
  • Formulation excellence

    • Ideal particle size
    • High suspensibility- quality of application is better, and it does not clog nozzle.
    • Superior rain fastness
  • Better Environment Profile


Recommend Kocide 3000 at preventive stage i.e., before the disease establishment (3-5%). And avoid application at curative/eradicant stages.

Crop Target Disease Dosage/acre (gm) Time of Application Water Volume (lit/acre)
Chilli Anthracnose and Dieback 500 From fruit setting till fruit maturity 200
Cotton Bacterial blight 500 50 to 90 days after sowing 200
Potato Late blight 500 Before onset of Late blight. Subsequent sprays in rotation with systemic fungicides 200
Pomegranate Anthracnose (Colletotrichum gloeosporioides) 600 Application Schedule
1) Just after pruning
2) 30-40 days after pruning
3) 50-60 days after pruning
Citrus Anthracnose and Twig blight (Colletotrichum gloeosporiodes), Citrus canker 600 From Fruit setting till fruit maturity 400
Cardamom Capsule rot 800 Coinciding with onset of monsoon. Subsequent sprays in rotation with systemic 400