Technical Name
Blend of Bio-stimulants

Product Detail

Kundan is a fertigation special product. It is a unique blend of premium plant nutrients, soil conditioners and stimulants for optimum establishment and growth of plants that leads to better yield, higher quality and profits to the farmers. Kundan is formulated in water soluble pouches and is especially designed for application along with drip irrigation.

Crop Dose (gm/acre) Time of application
Vegetables 100-200 25-30 DAT, Repeat at flowering initiation and fruit development stages
Fruit Crops 200 After major pruning, repeat at 100% anthesis and fruit development stage
Potato 100-200 20-30 DAP, Repeat after 30 days
Sugarcane 100-200 30 DAP, repeat after 30 days
Cotton 100 0-20 DAS, repeat at boll formation stage