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What is Sheath Blight?

Sheath blight is a fungal disease caused by Rhizoctonia solani.

  • Infected leaves dry out and die more rapidly. Young tillers can also be destroyed.

  • Sheath blight develops quickly during flowering when the paddy canopy is most dense, forming a microclimate favorable to fungus growth and spread.

  • Sheath Blight presence during panicle initiation or flowering causes a reduction of total seed weight due to lower percentage of filled spikelets

  • Sheath blight causes significant quality and yield losses in paddy.

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How To Identify Sheath Blight?

Oval greenish gray lesions, usually 1-3 cm long, on the leaf sheath, initially just above the soil or water level
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Monitor floating Sclerotia in the field near Buds

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Monitor initial infection of lesions on leaf sheath

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Monitor surface infection on leaf sheath

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  • Matsuri acts both Preventive (before appearance) & Curative (after appearance of disease)
  • Matsuri has excellent systemic activity and moves upward & downwards in plant system
  • Due to its longer persistent in the plant it gives longer control(18-20 Days)
  • Paddy stem become greener and stronger till harvest.
  • Prevents lodging of crop.
  • Help plant to complete its life cycle(maturity period)

Time Of Application

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First Application
Preventive spray – after 40-45 DAT

Since Disease sheath blight control is very important at early stage so we need to apply Matsuri as preventive spray.

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2nd Application
Preventive spray – after 40-45 DAT

After applying Matsuri as preventive spray.