Meccha is post emergence, selective, broad-spectrum herbicide that controls grasses, broadleaf and sedge weeds in both Transplanted and Direct seeded Rice.

Technical Name
Penoxsulam 1.02% + Cyhalofop-Butyl 5.1% OD

Mode of Action:

Systemic action.

Features and Benefits of Meccha:

Meccha is selective herbicide for Paddy crop.​

It’s Unique OD (Oil Dispersible) formulation which enables better solubility and quick absorption by the weed plants.

Apply at 3-5 leaf stage of weed for best results.

It has no residue carry over to succeeding crops when used as per recommendation.

It can be applied with slight water film or in drained condition (drain the water before application) for effective and prolonged results.

Meccha poses effective systemic activity throughout the vasculature of the target weeds leading to a speedy kill.

Meccha is non-toxic to rice plants as it is metabolized into safer metabolites (differential metabolism).

Packing Available: 200 ml, 400 ml & 1 lit.

Crop Target Weed Dose/acre (ml) Dilution in Water (Liter)/acre Waiting Period (Days)
(Direct seeded Rice)
Echinochloa colona Echinochloa crusgalli Leptochloa chinesis Caesulia axillaris Cyperus difformis Cyperus spp 800 - 900 120 – 200 60
Rice (Transplanted Rice) Echinochloa colona, Echinochloa crusgalli
Leptochloa chinesis, Caesulia axillaris
Cyperus spp, Cyperus difformis
800 - 900 120 – 200 60