Technical Name
Chlorothalonil 75% WP
Mode Of Action : Broad spectrum contact fungicide

Product Detail

Mizu is a broad-spectrum contact fungicide and is highly effective against Anthracnose. Fruit Rots, Tikka disease, Early and Late Blight on various crops. Gives outstanding results when used prophylactically.

Features and Benefits of Betal

Mizu is a broad spectrum contact fungicide.

A broad spectrum Non-systemic fungicide, and highly effective against many fungal diseases on apple, potato and groundnut such as scab, early and late blight and leaf rust.

Mizu is a multi-site inhibitor affecting various enzymes and other metabolic processes in fungi

It inhibits spore germination and is toxic to fungal cell membranes.

It is used to control tikka leaf spot and rust of groundnut and early and late blight of potato, scab of apple, anthracnose, etc.

Packing available: 250 gm, 500 gm, and 1 kg.

Crop Target Disease Dose/acre (gm) Dilution in Water (Liter)/acre Waiting Period (Days)
Groundnut Tikka Leaf Spot, Rust 353-460 240-320 14
Potato Early and Late Blight 250-500 240-320 14
Apple Scab 0.200% ( 200 gm/ 100 ltr water ) 10 ltr water per tree 45
Grapes Anthracnose and Downy Mildew 0.2% ( 200 gm/ 100 ltr water ) 40 60
Chilli Fruitrot 320 300 10
Cauliflower Leaf Spot 2.0gm/ltr 200 3
Watermelon Downy Mildew and Leaf Spot 2.0gm/ltr 200 3