Technical Name
Hexythiazox 5.45% EC

Product Detail

Nissorun is a new acaricides having excellent control on phytophagous mites. It is the first IGR acaricides in India

Packing available

100 ml, 250 ml & 500 ml, 1 lit, 5 lit.

Mode of Action

Ovicidal, Larvicidal and Nymphicidal Acaricide

Features and Benefits of Nissorun

Nissorun is a broad spectrum acaricides with excellent ovicidal, larvicidal and nymphicidal activity.
• It has excellent effect on eggs laid by female adults.
• Nissorun has long persistence which ensures elongate protection.
• It has no cross resistance to mites tolerant to conventional acaricides.
• Nissorun has no phytotoxicity on most of the crops.
• No adverse effect on beneficial insects and natural enemies.
• Nissorun is compatible with most categories of pesticides.
• It has decent translaminar action.

Crop Pest Dose/acre (ml) Dilution in Water (Liter)/acre Waiting Period (Days)
Tea Scarlet mite, Red spider mite 120-200 160 5
Chilly yellow mites 120-200 250 3
Apple European Red Mite 10 ltr./tree 15