Technical Name
Deltamethrin 2.5% SC Flow

Product Detail

Revolve is household insecticide used for cockroach, houseflies and mosquitoes.

Mode of Action

Contact and Ingestion.

Packing available

100 ml, 250 ml & 500 ml

Features and Benefits of Revolve

• Revolve is used or effective control of common household pests such as cockroaches, houseflies mosquitoes by knockdown action.
• It has broad spectrum activity.
• Revolve is non-greasy, odorless & is effective in low dosages.
• It is also used as bed-net impregnation to protect against adult mosquitoes.
• Revolve remains effective for about 6-8 months.
• It is effective as a residual spray on surfaces.
• Depending on the surface sprayed the effectiveness will last for 3 to 4 months.

Insect Type of use Dosage /m2 area of bed net Formulation
Adult Mosquitoes For impregnation of polyester, nylon and cotton bed net 1 ml