Technical Name
Pinoxaden 5.1% EC

Product Detail

Pinoxaden 5.1% EC is a selective post-emergence herbicide that is recommended for the control of important grass weeds like Phalaris minor and Avena ludoviciana in wheat.Verona is a post-emergent selective grass weed herbicide of Wheat.

Mode of Action

Packing available
400 ml, 2 lit.

Features and Benefits of Verona
• Verona is a post-emergent selective systemic herbicide of the phenylpyrazole group, which effectively controls to control Phalaris and Avena sp. in Wheat crop.
• Verona has built-in adjuvant for faster absorption in weeds.
• It offers excellent control of Phalaris minor and Avena sp. only.
• It is absorbed by leaves within 60 minutes – rain fastness.
• Verona is safe to Wheat crop and subsequent crops.

Crop Target Weed Dosage/acre (ml) Dilution in Water(Liter)/ acre Waiting Period (Days)
Wheat Phalaris minor (Canary grass), Avena ludoviciana (Wild oat) 400 200 19
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