VESTAR is a plant growth retardant.

Technical Name
Paclobutrazol 40% SC
Mode Of Action : It’s mode of action is inhibition of gibberellic acid biosynthesis.

Features and Benefits of VESTAR :

Vestar controls the foliage growth and increases flowering results to increase yield.

Also helps in development of better fruit colour and size.

Vestar helps the crop to effectively use the nutrients available from fertilizers for proper growth, development of fruits, branches, flowering.

It is a known antagonist of the plant hormone gibberellin. It reduces internodal growth to give stouter stems, increasing root growth, causing early fruit set and increasing seed set in plants.

VESTAR the Plant Growth Regulator assists Mango crops to achieve full blossom potential by making a balance between foliar and fruit growth.

Packing available: 30 ml, 50 ml and 250 ml

Crop Time of application Dosage/acre(ml) Dilution in Water (Liter/acre)
Mango For below 10 Years
For above 10 Years
200 -
Cotton, Pulses etc Flowering initiation stage 30 ml 200
Vegetable Flowering initiation stage 30 ml 200
fruit cops Flowering and fruiting initiation stage 30 ml 200