Weedout Super

Technical Name
Pyrithiobac Sodium 6% + Quizalofop Ethyl 4% MEC

Product Detail

WEEDOUT SUPER is highly effective, post emergent herbicide.

Mode of Action

Selective, Post-emergent herbicide

Packing available

500 ml and 1 lit.

Features and Benefits of Weedout Super

• Weedout Super is a selective, broad spectrum herbicide for control most of the Broad leaf weeds and Narrow leaf weeds.
• WEEDOUT SUPER gives effective control from weeds up to 25-30 days.
• WEEDOUT SUPER is does not harm Cotton crop and it can be used at any stage of Cotton crop.
• It is recommended to use Weedout Super at 0-3 days after sowing in Rainfed cotton and 0-3 days after 1st irrigation/or 1st rain whichever is earlier in irrigated cotton.
• It is suggested to use it when weeds are in germinating stage to 2-3 leaves stage.
• Sufficient soil moisture is required at the time of application.

Crop Target Weed Dosage/acre (lit) Dilution in Water(Liter)/ acre Waiting Period (Days)
Cotton Trianthema spp, Digera spp, Celosia argentia, Dinebra retroflexa, Digitaria marginata 400-500 200 160